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This page is a translated version of the page Produkttemplates and the translation is 100% complete.

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Why use a Listing Template?

Imagine, for example, an extensive product presentation on eBay, which is 2 maybe even 3 screen pages long. If you now have 1000 or more products that require the same product presentation, this uses up a lot of space. A template though, is stored only once (with placeholders). Only when exporting your data is the product presentation then generated for each individual article. All placeholders are replaced with the data of the respective product. Just take a look at our sample template.

You can create any number of listing templates (for example, for different shops). We have already set up an example template for you. You should let yourself guided by it, when you create your own listing template.

Create or Select a Listing Template

Create a new listing template (button at the bottom left) or choose an existing one to "Edit".

Base Settings

  • Name
Give your listing template a name (freely choosable).

Your Layout (HTML)

In the right part of this page you will find all available placeholders. Use the mouse to place the cursor in the template window at the desired position and then click on one of the placeholders. It will be inserted immediately at the select location in the template.

Insert all the required individual texts and placeholders and do not forget to save your template regularly during editing! Each individual product description of your CSV file contains then later the respective product data in the layout set up here.

Please, use only simple HTML-tags in your templates (as in the sample). JavaScript or similar code for other scripting languages should be avoided whenever possible.

Extended Field Functions

There are various possibilities for the calculation, filtering and individual formatting of column contents at the import and export of data. Please look at our help page "Advanced Field Functions".

For example, you can control that only those images are displayed in your template that are actually present in the data pool for the respective product.


See what your listing will look like.