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This page is a translated version of the page Preiskalkulation and the translation is 100% complete.

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A "'price calculation"' is used to calculate (consumer) sales prices for a (shop) interface from the purchasing prices in the data pool. You can create new price calculations for an export profile or edit any existing one. Price calculations are integrated in the Export Settings ->Basic Set-Up page. You can manage any number of price calculations.

Base Settings

  • Name
Give your price calculation a meaningful name.
  • short description
A short description to remember later what has been done here

Preis Calculation

As the basis for the calculation of your sales prices, the entries in the "Price" field (see Data Pool -> Products) of the active Data Source are used.

An example:

Price in Data Source: 8.00
Purchase price from: 3.00 to: 10.00
x Price factor: 2.000 (i.e. Profit Margin)
+ Price increase: 4.99 (i.e. Shipping Cost)
Calculated value (consumer price) in your export file will be
20.99 (8.00 x 2.00 + 4.99)

The column 'Extra' '(special price) has a particular importance:

Entries in this column can be used for special rates, reduced prices, promotional prices and the like.

If you enter here for example "-10%", so will 10% be deducted from the calculated end price. These values are then available via the placeholder Special Price (- price_extra -). This placeholder can be assigned on the tab "Column Mapping" to a column in your export interface. With some interfaces, the placeholder Special Price is automatically assigned.