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This page is a translated version of the page Grundeinstellungen FTP-Daten and the translation is 100% complete.

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  • Actions [ Edit ]
Edit the basic settings of the FTP server.
  • Actions [ FTP-Test ]
This test performs a short connection check with your server. Whether a specified directory exists or not, is not checked during this test. This actually happens not until the first time data is to be transferred.
  • Button [ Create a Server ]
Creates a new FTP- or SFTP- server.

Create a Server

If there is no FTP-server yet, click the button [Create a server] at the bottom. A new page opens. Enter here the FTP- or SFTP- access data of your server. Data can then be retrieved and DataPool(s) updated automatically at certain times, by setting cronjobs with this server.

For security reasons, please create a separate FTP- user with restricted rights for on your own server. On Supplier's servers this usually has already been taken care of. The FTP- user should only have access to the specific subfolder(s) on your server from which you want to transfer your CSV data. Do not give this user administrative rights for any other directories on your Web server!
  • Name
A descriptive name for your server
  • Transfer Protocol
Type of transfer protocol (FTP or SFTP)
  • Server / Portnummer / 21
If you have not changed the default settings of your server, port 21 is the default port for FTP. Port 22 would be the default port for SFTP.
  • Directory
Only specify a directory if your FTP- startup directory is " /" (root). If your FTP-access points already to /directory1/2/MyCSVfiles/, please leave this field empty!
  • FTP-User
  • FTP-Passwort