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How to make basic settings for eBay

Before you transfer product data to eBay for the first time, please import all your items already listed on eBay (Data Pool -> Products -> eBay Listings | Button "Get eBay Data"). Otherwise, you may get product duplicates!


You can use our API to supplement your products in the DataPool with eBay data, e.g. to assign eBay item attributes to your records and then list them on eBay or update existing eBay listings (stocks, prices, and more). In order to do this, you must grant our system access to your eBay data. This requires a so-called 'eBay token' for your eBay account and the respective country. Such a token is quickly created: Select the country and click on the "Request AuthToken" button. You are then forwarded to eBay via an encrypted connection, can log in with the desired account and generate a token for

For more information, please visit eBay's Developer pages.

Button [ Actions ]

Cronjob: Get eBay Data

Setting up acronjob for automatically getting inventory data from eBay is done via the link Cronjobs: Get eBay Data. This updates all product stock levels in all data sources that are linked to the respective token.

Revoke AuthToken

The AuthToken gets revoked and deleted from our data base.

Create a new AuthToken

If you manage multiple eBay accounts, you can create additional AuthToken.

If you have created more than one AuthToken, you should explicitly assign an eBay account under My account -> Basic settings -> Data sources - see the [Actions] button. Otherwise, EVERY data source always uses the first token.