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A Data Source is the range of products (the product data) of a supplier in the form of a .csv or .xml file. These data can be (either via a link or file upload) imported into the data pool and there regularly, automatically updated . Product data from different vendors (suppliers) can be managed as one as well as separate data sources, there edited and saved. We recommend that you manage only one supplier per data source. Always enter a unique name for every data source. If more than one data source is available; a selection menu - which allows switching between different data sources - appears at the top. Unique names ease the selection of the right Data Source.

Data Source edit/create

You can select edit actions for every existing Data Source by clicking on the Action button next to it.


In each data pool, one data source is always active by default. The Create Data Source button at the bottom allows you - to create additional, new Data Sources. In the Data Source menu at the top, you can select the data source with which you want to work (this menu is only visible when at least 2 data sources are present). Each data source in turn may be associated with different interfaces, cron jobs and templates, etc. Example:

Data Source 1: Car Parts (Activ!)
Data Source 2: Jewelry
Data Source 3: Office Furniture

Each Data Source can have several Internal Categories, i.E. Data Sorce 1:

Car parts with the categories: Mercedes, Audi, BMW

After activating an interface, for example Gambio, you can define 3 export files which you assign to each of the matching internal category Mercedes, Audi or BMW. This way it is also possible to manage multiple suppliers in one data source. Whatever method you prefer is up to you.


[ Edit ] Button

The [edit] button opens a new page, where you can edit other settings, depending on the type of data source:

[ Settings Edit ]

  • Name German
Name of your data source in German
  • Name Englisch
Name of your data source in English
  • Language for Product Titles
This setting governs only the internal display of the product names at DataPool ->Products, if product data will be managed in different languages and you have defined language sub-sets.
  • Color (HEX-Code) (optional)
Is here a color code entered, the data source is displayed in that color. The option is only active if at least 2 data sources have been created.
  • Type and Origin of Data
Where does the data come from? Determine here what data will be used in the new data source. The options Own Data Import or Existing Supplier Data are available.
  1. Own Data Import - Import your own data either from a file on your local computer or via a link (URL).
  2. Internal Supplier Data - In this case, you use ready-made product data of a supplier, which you have already subscribed to under My account -> Subscriptions -> Supplier Data. That way activated product data is automatically updated by the supplier, so that your data source (article stock, product descriptions, etc.) is always up-to-date. How to subscribe to a supplier's product data is explained in the Supplier-Data Subscriptions page. If there is any product information missing, please contact the supplier directly.

Share your Data

Basically, you can share your product data with other users. This could be interesting if you are a manufacturer or a wholesaler and you are looking for additional distributors for your offers. To use this, you must enter the relevant information about your company and your offers in the Supplier Data area. After approval you have the following options:

  • Data Sharing (optional)
  1. no - Default setting; your data source is not publicly shared.
  2. shared after user verification - You decide whether a user is allowed to use a data source or not. You receive inquiries by e--mail. Users see the stored information about your company in the tab [ Supplier Data ].
  3. publicly shared, for all users - Your product data together with product data from every other publicly shared data source is available for each user free of charge.
  • Apply now for data sharing verification?
Set here the selection to yes and save the setting. Our support then receives a message and checks your data for completeness.
For the release of product data and a listing of your products on the page Anbieter, you must give the necessary information about your company on the tab [ Supplier Data ]. In your data pool should also at least 10 items with inventory, image, title and description exist.

Advanced Options

More to come...

[ Edit additional Data Fields ]

Define any desired data field and assign it to the appropriate column when you import your data. The contents of these data fields are then available in the Interface Settings via the following placeholders:

[spec1] = Content 1st additional Data Field
[spec2] = Content 2nd additional Data Field
[spec3] = Content 3rd additional Data Field

For more information about data fields, see the page Advanced Functions.

[ Edit Tab Notation ]

To make additional languages available, you must enter a name (e.g. English) for a language sub-set. Only then the respective tabs become visible on the appropriate pages.

Warehouse Management

More to come...

[ Assign External Account ]

If you have created several eBay-, Amazon- or API-tokens (accounts), assign the appropriate account to your Data Source here.


More to come...

Markings Management

More to come...

Other Buttons

[ Create Data Source ]

Create a new Data Source.


Delete a data source and all its contents. This button appears only if it is not the first 'data source' and not the active data source.