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General Information

Before you can establish an API connection, you must first enable the appropriate API interface in the "Subscriptions" area. You can then edit the settings of this API interface at "Base Settings" -> "API".

The 'eBay API' and the 'Amazon API' have here their own tab!


Display of active access points (if available)

If several API access points (tokens) are stored in the system for one interface, you must - for any data source, that uses this interface - assign the API access point (token) to be used. Go to My Account -> Basic Settings -> Data Sources -> Actions [Settings] -> Assign External Accounts. Select the required API access point (token) and save the settings.

Create new API Credentials

Enter the new API credentials and save your entries.


Shopware API


If possible, always upgrade your shop to the latest version of "Shopware". The shopware-interface API on csv4you works partially with functions, which works correctly only in conjunction with the newest version. For older "Shopware" systems, the 'normal' interface for CSV-files is still available. These can be downloaded in the 'Export Settings' area and imported into your shop (download link in the information window of the interface at the bottom right).

New user for API access

Do not use the main user (admin) of their store as the API user. Create a new user with its own API key in "Shopware".

Webspace and Product Images

Pay attention to the size of your available webspace in connection with the transmission of product images. Settings can be found in the export profile of the shopware interface under the tab Other . Especially if you want to integrate several suppliers with thousands of products and several pictures, a webspace with relatively little space can quickly reach its limits. Before using the Shopware API, please check the maximum permissible space of your web server or web package to avoid unexpected problems.

In addition, the size of your image files should be adjusted to the Internet, so not too large. Otherwise it can also lead to problems or error messages during the transfer to your shop.


Optimize or reduce the quality of the thumbnails in your shopware settings.

Transfer/Delete Data

The transfer of your data from "csv4you" to "Shopware" is done separately, so that image files are not transferred or created twice. In addition, "ALL" products can be deleted via the API.

The following transfer options are available:

  • Products and quantities (NO images)
  • Only quantities or
  • Only images
  • Delete products

You can find these settings under Export Settings -> Other.