Export Settings: Variants

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The variants tab is only visible for certain interfaces (e.g., eBay, Amazon).


Parent Item / Parent Images

  • Export with Parents
Specify whether to create the export file with parent items. The default setting 'No' means that each record from your data pool appears as a stand-alone (child) item in the export file without assigning a parent's ID.
If your export file should contain variant items (childs) with the respective parent IDs, change the setting to 'Yes'. First, of course, parent items must have be created in the data pool (see Data Pool -> Products -> Variants).
  • Only use Parent Images
If you do not want your variants to have their own images, set the value of 'Only use Parent Images' to 'Yes'. Then, only the images of the parent item(s) are used.

Assign Parents' Images (optional)

Here the Parents' images can be selected - the order, which image, etc.