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The [Other] tab is only available for certain interfaces.

This help page is still under construction...


Here you will find interface-specific settings or field values pertaining to the export of your data. Depending on the interface used, this area can be very special and/or extensive. Please, ask any questions regarding these interface settings in our forum or write a ticket.

Type of Listing

Select the type of listing:

  • New - Not yet listed on eBay
Only items which are not yet listed on eBay will be transferred. New variants can not be added subsequently to existing items via the API. A new, complete listing (parent with all existing variants + the new ones) would have to be created. Therefore, (in order to avoid duplicate listings, which are prohibited by eBay) new variants of an existing item are not transferred to eBay!
  • Revise - Existing Listings, incl. Scheduled
Only existing listings (with an eBay item ID in the system) will be changed on eBay. In the case of a price and/or inventory update, only listings with changed values are sent to eBay. [1] 'No longer in stock' for 'Valid until canceled' offers
  • End - Existing Listings, incl. Scheduled
Listings are terminated on eBay.
See also our help text in the FAQ:

Peculiarities when deleting variants If you only want to set the stock levels for single variants to "0", please choose 'Update ...' and the correct settings for 'No longer in stock' for 'Valid until canceled' offers in your eBay account.