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A Cronjob can be used to automatically create or update any export file.

Automatic Updates for this Interface

Select the desired time and save your settings. Multiple selections are possible with the "Ctrl" key.

Cronjobs will be disabled automatically, if you have not logged in to your account for more than 3 months.
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With the help of Cronjobs, recurring tasks (e.g. import, export and article listing) can be performed at pre-determined times, fully automatic. The number of 'Cronjobs' that can be executed daily, depends on your chosen package. Please mark only the maximum possible number of cronjobs allowed by your package, which will be displayed below. Marked times above that number, will be ignored by the system.

Package / max. Cronjobs per Area *

Free = 3
Starter = 6
Business = 12
Premium = 24

The information applies separately for each import and for each export profile.

Also note that all Cronjobs are queued on the system and processed chronologically. You can find information about the status of a running Cronjob in the respective area.

All counters are reset daily, at 0 o'clock CET.