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eBay Error Messages

Here is a link to the overview of the Top Error Codes Returned per Call on eBay.

eBay response file Error 37 ItemID

37 "Error - Entered data for tag <ItemID> is invalid or missing

The reason is, that the IDs in your file are missing or invalid. You probably use IDs in your CSV-file that eBay does not recognize. Once an ID is found in the eBay-ID column in a CSV-file for eBay, the eBay system wants to update this article. However, if an item with this ID does not exist on eBay, then this error message is submitted.

eBay fesponse file Error 37 CategoryID

37 "Error - Entered data for tag <Item.PrimaryCategory.CategoryID> is invalid or missing. Please read the API documentation."

Solution: One possible cause may be that your products are not associated with any internal categories. This is absolutely necessary. It is also possible that already set category assignments were overwritten or deleted by incorrect import settings. The import option If UPDATE: ignore missing columns! Should be activated. If not activated, already assigned values - e.g. Category IDs - can be deleted (overwritten with an empty value) in the product. Therefore, check this import setting and perform the import again. Then go to the 'Internal Categories' section and click Apply / Match Categories. All products are then assigned back to the correct internal categories.
Note: This solution only works if you import your own data! If you use supplier data directly from the system (import variant "C") and you get this error, please open a support ticket.

eBay Response file error 10007

Error: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup.

Possible Solution(s):

The submitted XML file/feed is not complete or faulty, e.g. content in the cell Brand Name or Manufacturer Number is missing. Empty cells, where a "Zero" or "False" is expected, can also generate this error.
It could also be due to incompletely assigned item specifics. Although there are the correct placeholders in the export file, there is no content in the characteristics for individual items. In such cases, enter appropriate values for all items.

eBay response file error 10019

Failure;;10019;"Error: Contradictory shipping information.";"Error: One or more parameter values are invalid. By checking the response for: ErrorParameters elements, you can determine the invalid values. Correct these values and resend the request.

Possible Solution(s):

Set your shipping, payment and return policies as the standard for your eBay account and enter the exact names of the respective standard policies for your export interface in the 'Export Profile' section on the [Other] tab.

eBay Response ERROR 11002

Error: System[11002] Authentication failed : Invalid token type

Cause for this can be an, on csv4you.com incorrectly stored, eBay token. Another cause could be a temporary suspension of API-transfers for your eBay account. In such cases, wait until your token is unlocked by the eBay system again. This can take one, but sometimes up to 24 hours.
See also: Troubleshooting User Token issues

Error with payment method / shipping condition

Error: You must select at least one payment method. | Error: Specify at least one valid shipping service.

Check your Business Policies on eBay and the names saved in our system. These must match the names stored on eBay.

Error: An item with multiple SKUs can not be edited if only the Parent-SKU has been specified.

The problem relates to the variant items of a parent. In the parents on csv4you should be stored, by which property(s) the variants differ. For a standalone stock update, the parent must be given the required property of the relevant variant with the wrong stock. Only then will the correct stock of this variant be used. To do this, click on the parent in "Products" and in the section Properties assign the respective variant values that should be used as a distinction of the variants. See also the Notes on product variants.
When setting up or updating a complete item (parent and all variants), this procedure is not necessary. In this case the variants are used 'directly'.

eBay reports this error: PayPal is required as a payment method.

Although PayPal can be excluded in the Business Policies of eBay as a payment method, but there are eBay categories that require PayPal as a means of payment. If you do not want/can offer Paypal, you can not list any products in these categories.