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This page is a translated version of the page Listings Sonstige and the translation is 100% complete.

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Manage here your other API Listings (i.e. for shop systems). If no API access data exists, it must be entered under My account -> Basic settings.

Select Marketplace / Search

Shop-API - Select the Store API, that you want to work with.

Search Term - Enter a search term.

List of Shop Products

All Products

Here is a list of your active shop products - if any. Sorting is possible via the column ID(Parent ID) , Name or Quantity.

Before making any changes in the DATAPOOL, please, update always first the display of your Shop listings by clicking on the button [ Get Shop Data ].

Products in Stock

Here are all products of your shop with inventory listed.

Products NOT in Stock

Here are all products of your shop without inventory listed.

Faulty Listings

'Faulty' offers means, that the inventory in the DATAPOOL is less than that in your shop. Theoretically, you could therefore sell a product in your shop, when actually you can deliver it no more. Pay particular attention to this area, when, for example, one of your suppliers makes daily changes to its items ...

Not Listet

Products in the data pool, which are not (yet) listed in your shop.


Button [ Actions ]

The [Actions] button provides different options on the various listing tabs.

  • [ Actions ] Edit Product Details
You will be forwarded to the detail page of that product. Es können die Produkteigenschaften einzelner Artikel im Datenpool bearbeitet werden.
  • [ Actions ] Shop syncronize Data
Update inventory or price of a product.

Button Other

Depending on which area of the listings you are in, additional buttons are available at the bottom of the page.

  • [ Get Shop Data ]
Inventory and price of your products are requested from the Shop-API and written into the DATAPOOL.
  • [ Delete all assignments ]
This will delete all shop assignments, that is, only the connecting data between data DATAPOOL and your shop. In this case, neither products in the DATAPOOL nor in the shop will be deleted. After clicking on the button, the process must be confirmed or can be canceled.