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Welcome to the csv4you Wiki!

Documentation and help for users of the project - Beginners, please read the Quick Start Guide!

Data Pool


  • Products .. Product overview, list and edit items
  • Variants .. Product variants and parents, list and edit items
  • Amazon Listings .. Listing overview, adjust stocks and prices on Amazon
  • Ebay Listings .. Listing overview, adjust stocks and prices on eBay
  • API Listings .. Adjust stocks and prices with webshops

Internal Categories

  • Internal Categories .. Internal categories of your data pool, category matching and item attributes for eBay and Amazon listings

Data Import

  • Data Import .. Import of product data from CSV and XML files as well as store categories from external sources, i.E. supplier data

Import Templates

  • Import Templates .. Saving filters in templates for future imports, managing import templates

Cronjobs Import


Standard CSV-Files


Export Settings

Category Mapping

  • Category Mapping .. Matching of internal data pool categories with marketplace categories or assignment of categories for your own store

Listing Templates

  • Listing Templates .. Listing templates with placeholders for simple or extensive product descriptions

Price Calculations

Interface Creator

  • Interface Creator .. Creating custom interfaces with own column definitions for the header and content area

My Account

Base Settings

  • My Account .. Overview and start page of your account
  • Data Sources .. Management of existing Data Sources
  • Media .. Upload option for individual media files
  • FTP-Data .. FTP settings for Cronjobs
  • Amazon .. Settings for Amazon MWS
  • Ebay .. Settings for eBay
  • API .. (API)Settings for special shop systems
  • Personal Information .. Personal Information, show and edit

Data Backup



  • Downloads .. Display of the last 50 downloads in your account
  • Imports .. Display of the last 50 imports in your account
  • API .. Display of the last 50 API activities in your account


  • Show Tickets .. Open a new ticket or view your previous tickets

Supplier Data

Supplier Information

Users of my Product Data

  • Users .. Confirmed users of your product data as a supplier
  • Open Inquiries .. Open Inquiries from interested retail partners for your product data

Other Topics in this Wiki